Activity in CZ

ASM Czech Republics Chapter Committee try to build up in the Czech Republic net conferences, seminars, actions, that would were covered by ASM and on that would members have had conferential reduction in price. Over manifold address all membership ASM Czech Republics Chapter, from themselves at least half are principal in all others of preparatory committee all sorts of conference, this action were unsuccessful. Reason is unambiguous. Every ASM member in the Czech Republic is on some other professional organization planning in the framework, which this conference (seminar, action) prepares and in the Czech Republic isn't habit offer reduction in price in fee.

As well so unsuccessful build up structure workplaces that would below chuck block ASM offer all sorts of training. Here's reality such, that these actions are distribution either universities (faculties, teacher's desk, constitution) or directly special profession companies. ASM cannot trespass upon roofed - over of all professional society in the Czech Republic.

Management committee of the ASM Czech Republic Chapter:

Prof. Ing. Jiří Kliber, CSc. VSB-Technical Univerzity Ostrava, Faculty of Metallurgy and Material Engineering
RNDr. Josef Kasl SKODA VYZKUM, s.r.o.
Ing. Libor Kraus COMTES FHT, a.s.
Prof. Ing. Petr Louda, CSc. Technical Univerzity Liberec, Faculty of Machinery
Ing. Vladivoj Očenášek VUK Panenske Brezany, s.r.o.
Ing. Pavel Stolař Association of Thermal Processing of Metals